Biblical Worldview Integration

Thinking Biblically and Critically

Integration ModelSevenstar has a perpetual license for 50 courses with arguably the most outstanding online curriculum for secondary education. Sevenstar then made an additional investment in Christian educators with more than 500 years of combined professional experience to update and upgrade that curriculum, bringing in their expertise in teaching a Christ-centered worldview. This year-long process incorporated the wisdom and experience of pastors, theologians, college professors and Christian school leaders at all levels. Out of this collaboration came a 21-step set of orders that one biblical integration expert defined like this:

"Biblical integration is bringing faith to bear upon learning; it is evaluating and assimilating new information in the context of a biblical worldview."

These original authors and editors forged a model that has been successfully applied to expand Sevenstar's catalog each year with courses from other award-winning publishers. It has also been deployed successfully in the introduction of brand new course content, created from the ground up by Sevenstar's professional instructional designers.

Renewed Minds, Changeless Truth

Since these experts approached this challenge from many different denominational perspectives, Sevenstar course offerings do not seek to "indoctrinate" or influence students toward any one Christian denomination.

Worldview integration is about presenting information and training students to evaluate that information with a renewed mind, in light of changeless Truth.

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Biblical Integration in Assignments

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