School resources

System resources

Our online User Support Portal is available to all our users for training and info on how to use our systems.

The support portal is available for school staff, parents, and students to quickly get answers to questions any time or day of the week. It includes access to a knowledge base of each system with training by topic, how-to articles, quick-start guides, and forms for schools to use.

Our User Support Portal also includes a support ticket system to reach out to our technical support staff for a quick response to issues.

Academic Policies

Please review the Sevenstar policies, which apply to all student and school users.

Hypercare Contacts

We have the expertise to answer your questions. Please reach out to us at any time.

Resources for custom partner schools

Strategic consultant

No matter what your vision for online learning, Sevenstar’s custom partnership solution includes free strategic consultation to help you setup and create an online program for your school.

Starting an online learning program at your school is a challenge that should not be undertaken alone! This is why every Sevenstar partner has a professional strategic consultant to help along the way. Think of your consultant as a key lever for ramping up your program to accomplish your online education goals.

The consulting relationship has three phases that starts where you are and grows along with your vision:

Start Up

In the first phase the focus is on getting familiar with the systems and oversight roles to get students registered, enrolled, and off to a successful start.

Your consultant will be the most “hands-on” during this phase of implementation and provides a wide array of resources and documentation.

Program Launch & Growth

The main objective of this phase is to support and nurture the growing partnership.

As your program makes its official launch, your consultant will introduce ideas and resources to help attain your school’s vision for online learning—whether that is meeting current needs or beginning a long term vision.

Review & Renewal

This phase will occur annually and is fueled by your experience and feedback.

We take the time to examine what went well and what could have been better in your online program.

Your consultant will also help you make plans and prepare for the next year.

Marketing Resources

Get the documents and templates for your school to aid in marketing your online program!

Forms for custom partner schools

Resources and protocols

Resources for direct enrollment schools

Quickstart Guide

This introductory guide will help you successfully enroll students in online courses with your school’s new Sevenstar Direct account. Please explore this guide to:

  • Learn where your users will log in
  • Get an overview of the system roles
  • Discover how to create new users in your account
  • Define your school’s payment strategy
  • Help parents order and pay
  • Monitor progress and perform common tasks
  • Find online training and support
  • Get answers to common questions

Forms and templates

Partner Success Story

The Wesleyan School had a growing number of students who were unable to take all the classes they wanted in high school due to graduation requirements and schedule conflicts.

The leaders at Wesleyan School came up with an innovative way to reclaim periods during the school year so that students could pursue their academic and athletic interests.

Discover how their online program helps over 100 students free up their schedule each year with a 99% success rate.

View Case Study

External resources

From Candy Sales to Committed Donors: A Guide to Financing Christian Schools, Revised Edition 2016

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3-Ring Binder Version @ $55.00

Discounted prices are available for multiple copies (five or more)

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