System Requirements

General System Requirements

Desktop browsers supported:

  • Internet Explorer - Versions 9 through 11 supported, but not recommended (11 is not yet fully compatible, but can be used with compatibility mode turned on)
  • Google Chrome - Recommended. Browser updates automatically.
  • Mozilla Firefox - Recommended. Please update to current version.
  • Apple Safari - Please use current version.

Mobile browser support varies. Please check here for more info: Mobile Learning

An Internet connection at least 1.5Mbps or faster (test Internet speed) is highly recommended.

If there are specific critical browser-related incompatibilities that come to our attention, these will be placed in the announcements area of our Learning Management System.

Recommended Software:

The most common plugin of these recommendations will be Adobe Flash, which is built-in to Chrome. The rest are not found often in our courses. Each course has a materials section under course information which lists the free plugins or utilities which may be helpful to complete the course (paid materials, such as textbooks, are found via our materials website). Please consult with the course material section, your teacher, or contact us with specific questions on software requirements as needed.

Recommended Hardware:

  • Speakers or headphones
  • Microphone

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