About our accreditation

When you order a course from Sevenstar it is taken through our accredited online school—Sevenstar Academy. Our school only offers rigorous online courses that exceed the national education standards of the United States. All our courses have been reviewed by the highest levels of approving agencies and our online school has been fully accredited since 2007. Our online courses are used by over 500 Christian schools, which allows us to provide each of our students with the broadest selection of quality online courses.

Accrediting agencies

We hold to the highest standards of academic quality. Sevenstar Academy is accredited by the following agencies:

North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement

Sevenstar Academy is accredited by the North Central Association, an accreditation division of AdvanceED.

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Our AP courses are College Board approved.

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University of California (UC/CSU) Schools

Many courses have gone through an additional approval process for the University of California (UC/CSU) schools.

A full and current list of approved Sevenstar Academy courses can be found here.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association

We have a wide selection of courses that are cleared for use by the NCAA for elite athletes.

A full and current list of NCAA approved Sevenstar Academy courses can be found by searching here with the CEEB code: 365242.

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Our philosophy is to start with the best…

Rather than build all our courses from scratch, we started by selecting the best, most award-winning curriculum partners like Florida Virtual School, Aventa, Summit Ministries and Prep Me. Sevenstar Academy’s biblical integration team then enhances each course with Christian Worldview teachings.

We offer more than 100 online courses for grades 6-12, which includes Core Classes, Electives Courses, and AP Courses. All of these meet or exceed National Standards of excellence.