How we present a biblical worldview

All of our online courses present a biblical worldview. We employ expert Christian educators to review and enhance each course using a 21-step set of orders. Our biblical integration process incorporates the wisdom and experience of pastors, theologians, college professors, and Christian school leaders at all levels. The process respects our student’s home values, church doctrines, and personal beliefs.

Sevenstar has intentionally designed each course with the ability to adapt biblical applications and discussions for further dialogue. This unique approach to online education provides each student with the opportunity to understand his or her courses from a biblical worldview. With academic excellence as a priority, the integration of faith and scripture is implemented into every area of our courses to add value to the formation of the whole student, mind and spirit, in order to strengthen the student’s faith. Our online courses are not designed to reinforce a denominational doctrine (Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist…), rather they let the Bible speak for itself.

Christian Worldview Integration

Our biblical integration process

At Sevenstar, we adopt high-quality courses produced by either our own instructional design team or purchased from leading online course providers. We only release our courses to students after they have been biblically integrated and meet our high academic standards. Every course we offer goes through the following process:

  • Review

    Sevenstar regularly reviews the needs of our learning community and creates or licenses online courses from leading providers.

  • Initial planning

    Our Biblical and Curriculum Development Manager reviews all new courses to increase biblical integration and modify any content that is not in alignment with a biblical worldview. He then sets a target release date and contracts with a Subject Matter Expert to write the content needed to bring the course into alignment with our standards. Before releasing the course to the Subject Matter Expert, the course is evaluated and aligned with biblical truths.

  • Developing the content

    OurBiblical and Curriculum Development Manager and Subject Matter Expert’s review each course against our guiding biblical principles for each content area. These principles point to the overarching truths that any course in the five main disciplines (math, languages, social studies, sciences, and fine arts) should teach:

    • The nature of God – What does this discipline show us about who God is and how He works?
    • Original Creation – What do we need to learn in this discipline about how God originally designed His Creation?
    • Results of the Fall – How does the Fall impact the study and understanding of this discipline?
    • Distorted Creation – What must we learn in this discipline as a result of the faulty thinking humanity has about the world around him?
    • Redemption/Response – How can redeemed humanity engage the fallen world or respond in a way that bring glory to God in this discipline?
    • Assimilation/Spiritual Formation – What truths can we glean in this discipline that can be applied to our Christian life and growth?
    • Purpose – How will studying this discipline help the redeemed live out the biblical mandates of stewardship (Gen. 1:26), the Greatest Commandment, and the Great Commission?

    To see examples of content samples of content area guiding principles, click here.

  • Subject matter expert contributions

    Our Subject Matter Expert (SME), a teaching professional with expertise not only in the content area, but also in worldview training and online instruction, reviews the course, writing and arranging content to maximize the development of the students’ own biblical worldview. SME’s establish a biblical theme for each course and biblical objectives throughout the course to support the course and maintain its rigorous content. In this step, the SME’s will create or take advantage of existing discussion forums, written assignments, projects, and interactive elements in the course to provide the student with many opportunities to study, develop, and apply the biblical concepts supporting the course content. The completed content is returned to the Biblical and Curriculum Development Manager to be reviewed against the technical structure of the course and Sevenstar’s standards.

  • Instructional designer contributions

    Our Instructional Designers receive the course along with the recommended changes from the Subject Matter Expert and the Biblical and Curriculum Development Manager. They work to implement the changes into the course creating additional content that seamlessly flows with the existing course structure. During this step, new interactive elements, page designs, or assignments are created to provide the student with additional learning experiences that are engaging, rigorous, and relevant. With every future update to the course, the existing biblical content will continue to be increased and improved to take advantage of the latest techniques in instructional design.

  • Final review

    Before it is released for deployment, the course goes through a final review by the Biblical and Curriculum Development Manager as well as testing by students and teachers. It is our goal to provide courses that are easy to navigate, clearly biblical, and rich in content. We want every student to be inspired and challenged in their course work. Worldview integration is about presenting information and training students to evaluate that information with a renewed mind, in light of changeless Truth.

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