Our biblical integration process

At Sevenstar, we offer high-quality courses that are either adopted from leading online course providers or produced internally by our Product Development Department (PDD).

We release our courses to students only after they have been carefully reviewed and modified to match our biblical integration standards.

With a few exceptions, every course we offer goes through the following process: initial planning, assessment, design and development, implementation, and final review.

  • Initial Planning

    After determining that a course is needed, our PDD discerns whether it should be adopted from an existing course provider or designed and developed internally.

  • Assessment

    For all adopted courses, our PDD looks for opportunities not only to integrate the existing course material with biblical teaching but also to modify any content that discredits or conflicts with a biblical worldview. The PDD then sets a target release date and begins writing the content needed to bring the course into alignment with our biblical integration standards. Occasionally, this is done with the help of a Subject Matter Expert.

  • Design and Development

    At Sevenstar, our PDD develops each course in light of the three main themes of a biblical worldview: creation, fall, and redemption. Intentional effort is made to integrate each of these themes in a substantial, constructive, and engaging way, utilizing a variety of learning and assessment strategies (e.g., objectives, lessons, writing assignments, discussion forums, interactives, projects, quizzes, discussion-based assessments, and exams). Along the way, we seek to model sound reasoning, responsible biblical interpretation, and faithful theological reflection for our students.

  • Implementation

    Once the design and development stage is complete, our PDD then works to implement the changes to the existing course, creating and/or modifying content and providing students with additional learning experiences that allow them to develop their worldview in a meaningful and relevant way. Changes to existing courses are done as seamlessly as possible so that they flow nicely into the content and feel like a natural part of the course.

  • Final review

    Since it is our goal to provide courses that are pedagogically effective, easy to navigate, and rich in quality, our PDD reviews the course one final time and corrects any last-minute errors before releasing it for deployment.

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