Biblical Integration

A Biblical Worldview

Our Approach

At Sevenstar, we believe that instilling a biblical worldview by teaching student discernment and biblical application of concepts and skills is a critical component of a student’s education. Therefore, our curriculum marries Christian faith and academic knowledge across all subject matters. We not only teach students to view everything through the lens of God’s truth, but we challenge them to model a reverence of God in their daily lives and interactions. We accomplish this by weaving the following biblical worldview themes throughout the course content: creation, fall, and redemption.  

  • Creation: For each primary concept or topic taught in a course, we evaluate whether it is understood and applied in the world today in the way God originally intended it. 
  • Fall: For concepts or topics that are not understood and applied in alignment with God’s original intention, we explain how they have been distorted by the fall through sin. Through this exercise, students are taught the skills of discernment to differentiate the Christian worldview from false, non-biblical worldviews.
  • Redemption: Finally, we explain to students how we can restore these concepts or topics to the purpose for which God intended them.

An intentional effort is made to integrate each of these themes in a substantial, constructive, and engaging way, utilizing various learning and assessment strategies. We look for opportunities to incorporate biblical teaching into the existing course material, teach students biblical applications of new knowledge and skills. We instill in students the ability to discern biblical truth from the information presented to them and quantify or correct any content that discredits and conflicts with a biblical worldview. More importantly, our courses model sound reasoning, responsible biblical interpretation, and faithful theological reflection for our students.

Our online Christian education is designed to align your student’s heart and mind for a life of purpose.