Sevenstar brand usage guidelines


By using this guide, individuals shall be able to properly make use of branding elements for the Sevenstar name. Due to our endeavor to remain a professional entity, we require that all uses of the Sevenstar name or design elements are used within the guidelines listed below. With given permission, third parties may utilize logo and design elements for use in advertising, marketing, or a website that references their connection to Sevenstar.

Sevenstar name and logo usage

In an effort to maintain brand uniformity, usage of the Sevenstar name and logo must be in accordance with standards implemented by the Sevenstar marketing team. Please closely follow the multiple guidelines to properly carry out our requests. We also ask that you please send us your marketing material for review and approval. You can download the Sevenstar logo below.


The Sevenstar logo must be no smaller than 1” wide for print, or 130 pixels on screen.

Clear Space

Clear space can be estimated by using the Sevenstar “S” to appropriately provide space around the logo. This will ensure that there is even spacing surrounding the logo in digital and print advertising.

Best Practices

Do not: Alter logo styling
Do not alter the colors of the logo, stretch/resize without proper proportions, nor add effects to the logo. Below are examples of improper presentations.

Sevenstar colors

Corporate Color Palette

The Sevenstar corporate color palette consists of four colors: Sevenstar red, dark grey, light grey and white. These colors are the essential colors of our brand and should appear whenever possible for consumers to immediately recognize our brand.

  • Sevenstar Red #840715 (Pantone P 54-16 C)
  • Grey #77787B
  • Light Grey #BEC0C2
  • White #FFFFFF

Accent Palette

The Sevenstar Accent Color Palette includes these four other colors. These colors are intended to be used when necessary, or when essential to complement the original color scheme. Download palette here.

Best Practices

Do: Use only the approved color palette
Our colors have been chosen to work with our corporate palette. Please use them as your guide for application in any design or for marketing purposes.

Do: Use accent colors sparingly
Accent colors are to be used sparingly, and should never dominate a design. Accent colors complement the corporate palette, they do not replace it.

Do Not: Use accent colors for primary colors
The primary colors of the logo should never be changed or substituted for accent colors.

Sevenstar brand phrases


Sevenstar is the master brand name for our company. The word Sevenstar is the word used in the marketplace to help families and schools identify our online education solutions and services.

In writing, please avoid the incorrect spellings of our brand name. Common misspellings include “SevenStar” or “Seven Star”.

Sevenstar Academy

Sevenstar Academy is the official name of our accredited online school. When a student seeks a full-time education from our school to earn a diploma, they are enrolled in Sevenstar Academy. Sevenstar Academy, LLC is also the legal name of our corporation.

Sevenstar Direct

Sevenstar Direct is our basic service for families or schools to enroll part-time students in our online classes.

Sevenstar Custom

Sevenstar Custom is our subscription-based partnership solution for schools to manage their own online learning program by leveraging our online platform and services.

Sevenstar typography

At Sevenstar, our primary type family is Sans Hind and it is preferred that this typeface is used when possible to maintain uniform branding. This font family should especially be used for headings and titles. Alternative fonts are suggested below should you not be able to use Hind.

Hind is the primary font type for Sevenstar marketing materials. This font can be downloaded here and installed on any computer.

Alternative fonts that are preinstalled on Apple and Microsoft operating systems are “Trebuchet MS Regular” for Titles/Headers, and “Verdana Regular” for the body font.

Below is an example of text sizes in proportion to the body font size. This guide is to be used for any product descriptions, presentations or other graphic elements.