Top Upcoming Events for Christian School Leaders

ACSI is hosting many high-quality events in the coming school year, and Sevenstar strongly supports these professional development opportunities as a gold level partner. We have also identified other impactful events for Christian school leaders around the world, many of which we are also attending to present about online programs. Check out the following list of premier events for Christian school leaders:

Newspapers and Education

The following quote from Warren Buffet about the newspaper business reminded me of my childhood: “If Mr. Guttenberg had come up with the internet instead of movable type back in the late 15th century and for 400 years we had used the internet for news and all types of entertainment and all kinds of everything else and I came along one day and said I have got this wonderful idea. We are going to chop down some trees up in Canada and ship them to a paper mill which will cost us a fortune to run through and deliver newsprint and then we’ll ship that down …