ACT Prep

Course Description:
Practice is the key to doing well on the ACT. This ACT Prep course allows students to prepare for the upcoming ACT exam. Students are able to review essential content, assess their own knowledge, measure their learning, play interactive drill games, and review flash cards in an interactive and interesting way. As students progress, they have opportunities to explore learning from a biblical perspective, discuss the content, share study tips, and ask questions of their classmates and instructor in biweekly discussion forums. All student work, self- assessments, and drill-and-practice work is tracked and organized for easy review according to both the level of mastery they have achieved and their own comfort level with the content.  

In addition to following the prepared study plan, students can access any of the content they 
have already studied for additional review. A variety of games are available in order to review 
the content in even more entertaining ways. This course offers the most current, interactive, and organized opportunity for any student to practice and prepare for the ACT. The course
covers advanced math topics to prepare students for the type of exam questions they will 
experience on the ACT, so it’s important that they’ve successfully completed Algebra 1. 

Recommended Prerequisite(s):
Algebra 1
Recommended Grade Level(s):
Course Types Available:
Full course (1/2 credit)
Biblical Integration Information:
All Creation is held together by the Living Word and is an expression of the Word of God displaying order, design, complexity, and Truth. God communicates His plan, purpose, and provision personally through the written and Living Word and has set patterns and guidelines for human communication. Partially through the skillful use of languages, we can live out the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment. Rather than succumbing to our fallen nature or focusing on forms or subjects of communication that are in opposition to God, we should seek to grow in wisdom through our study and use of languages while allowing the Holy Spirit to change our hearts bringing our communication in alignment with the person of Jesus Christ. We are responsible to God for evaluating our communication and literacy choices by the standards of God’s Word and using them clearly, creatively, and concisely to deepen our relationship with God and with our fellow-man.

Required Materials: 
Common household items, and access to research materials as well as word processing and presentation software, may be required for the completion of lab activities 
and/or other assignments. See course for details.