AP Microeconomics

Course Description:
As the new President of the Sunny Seas Shell Company, you will be wrestling with two problems while learning all you can about microeconomics for the good of your company. First, how do you make money without falling in love with it? Second, how will you use what God has given you to honor Him and bless others? You will be required to exhibit your knowledge in May at the annual Board of Directors’ meeting (the AP® Exam). The objectives of this course will be to engage students in a real world application of the economic concepts they will be tested on when taking the Advanced Placement exam provided by the College Board. In this class students will analyze the basics of supply and demand and then investigate the various models of business organization from a biblical perspective. As students participate in these activities they will become more knowledgeable about economics, better prepared for the AP exam, and become better consumers in the real world as they use their resources for God’s glory and the good of others.

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Recommended Prerequisites:
None. Students will be exposed to a college-level learning experience.

Grade Level:
11th/12th Grade recommended

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Course Types Available:

  • Full course (0.5 credits)

Biblical Integration Information:
The times and affairs of man are in the hands of the eternal and transcendent God. Human behavior and decisions often reveal our desire to grasp authority, coerce, manipulate, or intimidate others created in God’s image. Rather than being the master of our own fate, humans are created in the image of God and responsible to Him. Therefore, we should seek unity, justice, and reconciliation as we are guided by the principles of God’s Word. Our interactions with one another and with God can be patterned upon the historical person of Jesus Christ and sanctified as we relate to Him and seek His grace in our lives and times. Recognizing that our possessions and talents are to be used for the edification of our neighbor and the glory of God will lead us into true stewardship, citizenship, and social health as we wait patiently for His return and establishment of His eternal Kingdom.

To see how these truths are specifically explored in this course, visit the course information page in the course and click on “Guiding Principles.”

Required Purchased Materials:
No books are required, however there are some optional extra resource materials located in the course information area.