AP Statistics


Course Description:
AP® Statistics will allow students to explore the broad conceptual themes of statistics while recognizing the amazing benefits of the mathematical order of God’s creation. Students will explore data as biblical stewards. They will put this knowledge into practice as they plan and conduct a statistical study. They will also practice anticipating patterns and making statistical inferences while learning how this information can help us serve God and others rather than ourselves. This course seeks to prepare students for the AP exam while also introducing students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.

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Recommended Prerequisites:
Algebra 2. Student will be exposed to a college-level course.

Grade Level:
11th or 12th Grade recommended

Approved by:

Course Types Available:

  • 1 Credit – Full course (1 credit, 12 weeks minimum / 12 months maximum)
  • ½ Credit – 1st semester only (0.5 credits, 6 weeks minimum / 6 months maximum)
  • ½ Credit – 2nd semester only (0.5 credits, 6 weeks minimum / 6 months maximum)

Biblical Integration Information:
God has chosen to reveal truths about His nature and ways in the Created world. The complex patterns, designs, and relationships discovered in the study of mathematics points to God’s nature and ways. As we explore, discover, verify, and catalogue the known truths of His universe, dive into the unknown, make decisions, identify, assess, and solve problems around us, and seek to understand more about the universe God has made and the role of humans in it, God is glorified. The study of mathematics leads us into a deeper understanding of our Creator and appreciation for His provision and wisdom as we use this knowledge as a tool to have dominion over and care for the natural world.

To see how these truths are specifically explored in this course, visit the course information page in the course and click on “Guiding Principles.”

Required Purchased Materials:
This course requires use of a graphing calculator with a USB cord and access to Ti Connect Software (free download).