Digital Photography: Image Design and Editing


Course Description:
Some sights have to be shared. In Digital Photography, students will be encouraged to reflect the creative nature of God and the truth in the world around us through the use of photography. They will begin by reviewing an overview of the concepts and history of photography. They will learn about the role of light and the principles of composition. They will practice techniques and tips for taking portraits, landscape photography, and documentary and action shots as they build a portfolio of their own work. Along the way they will be invited to consider a biblical philosophy for practicing photography.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Grade Level:
9th – 12th Grade recommended

Course Types Available:
Full course (0.5 credit, 6 weeks minimum / 6 months maximum)

Biblical Integration Information:
Our Creative God, the origin of all truth and beauty, employs many methods and means to reveal truth to mankind according to His good will and pleasure. We can see His truth beautifully displayed in all parts of His Creation. Humanity can glorify his creative God and enjoy God’s creative provision by participating in the creative arts and gaining an appreciation of His creative masterpieces. While fallen humanity often seeks to elevate lies, evil, and the ugliness of the curse as beautiful and valuable, true art is an expression that points to God’s redeeming love and truth. Therefore, we should seek to develop our creative gifts for the purpose of enjoying our Creator and promoting truth and the innate beauty of God and His Creation to our fellow-man.

To see how these truths are specifically explored in this course, visit the course information page in the course and click on “Guiding Principles.”

Required Purchased Materials:
Film, DSLR, or Cellphone Camera.
Photo Editing Software, free software can be found on the internet.