Old Testament Survey

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Course Description:
Is the Old Testament relevant in our modern secular culture? Old Testament Survey will show students the importance of these sacred Scriptures to the western world today by highlighting how Christianity has used the eternal truth of the Old Testament to influence and impact the mindsets of those who are responsible for shaping the social, political, ethical, and cultural ideas over the past several centuries.

Students will travel through a total of five units first surveying the historical and cultural context of the Old Testament before moving forward to recognize how Scripture has helped form concepts of life, equality, freedom, morality, family, and modern science in western society. Then, they will explore how Scripture has shaped the laws and governments of western cultures and inspired historical documents and cultural and political movements in American History. Finally, students will identify themes and understand the Scriptural emphasis behind some of the great artistic masterpieces created by renowned western artists.

Students will learn the powerful influence that God’s Word has had throughout history, recognize the remnants of that influence in our culture today, and may even find themselves determined to use the Old Testament to engage with and transform their culture now and into the future.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Grade Level:
9th-12th Grade recommended

Course Types Available:
Full course (0.5 credits)

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