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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sevenstar's prices compare with other online Christian providers?

Sevenstar is a world leader in online Christian education that offers competitive prices for the level of service, instruction, and quality of courses provided. We offer free course extensions and course delays, which other course providers often charge an additional fee to accommodate. Sevenstar also provides partial refunds for courses within specified time frames. There is flexibility to pay by credit card, check, or FACTS payment plan. We also allow schools and families to review our demo courses (which are full-running versions of the courses minus assessments) before enrolling in a course. These opportunities for partial refunds and reviewing courses before purchase are just a few of the financial advantages of using Sevenstar.

Some courses require supplemental materials, such as a textbook. If a course requires a textbook or additional materials, you can see the latest information in the course information section of each course description.

See chart below for registration and tuition fees for custom partner schools:

  • One-time registration fee – $30 per student
  • 1 Credit Course – $605
  • ½ Credit Course – $465
  • AP 1 Credit – $705
  • AP ½ Credit – $565
  • Dual Credit – $725
What is the cost for course extensions or delays?

Course extensions and course delays are free and can be requested at any time to allow students to move their originally selected course end date. However, if the extension requires the total enrollment duration to exceed the maximum allowable time of 6 months for a .5 credit course and 12 months for a 1 credit, the course will have to be repurchased.

What is the cost if a student withdraws from a course or switches to a different course?
  • 0 Days (prior to start) – Course tuition minus $20 fee
  • Day 1 – Day 10 – Course tuition minus $50 fee
  • Day 11 – Day 24 – Course tuition minus $160 fee
  • Day 25+ – No refund
Is there a refund for a full credit course?

If you purchase a full credit course, the refund period starts at the beginning of the course and does not restart each semester. If you purchase the two semesters separately, the refund period restarts each semester. There are no refunds in the second semester of a course starting on day 25+ from the course start date. Refunds will be made by check or credit card to the original purchaser.

When setting up a school account, who can make payments for courses?

Partner schools are responsible for both ordering courses for students and making payments. Sevenstar does not work directly with parents of students at a partner school.

What are the setup and renewal fees with a custom partnership?

When beginning your custom partnership, your school pays a one-time setup fee of $3,000, which covers both setup and the first year’s partnership fee. After that, school renewal fees are $1,500 for 1 year or $3,375 for a 3-year commitment. If the partnership renewal is not received on or before the due date, a 10% late penalty will be assessed. Failure to pay renewal fees within 30 days of the renewal date will result in deactivation of the partnership. Reactivation requires purchase of the partnership setup fee.

How much are credit recovery courses?

Credit recovery courses are specifically designed to allow students to retake courses they previously failed or to improve their grades. These courses provide individualized learning through pre-testing to prescribe content that must be completed to recover credit. Students have up to 10 weeks to complete coursework in this program. The tuition fee is $399 per credit recovery course.

What is the cost for additional services for placement and standardized tests?

Placement tests can determine if a student has the necessary knowledge to succeed in a course before enrolling and paying for the course. Students can take a placement test without having to pay the registration fee. Students do NOT have to pay the registration fee until they order their first course with us. The placement test does not count as a course order. The student registration fee does apply, and not all courses have placement test available. The placement fee is $30 per test.

What is the financial benefit in using a partner teacher?

Using a partner teacher (i.e., one of your own school’s teachers as the teacher of record for a course) to facilitate a course results in a tuition reduction of $100 for a .05-credit course and $200 for a 1-credit course. Please note that there may be additional course fees (e.g., books) when using your own instructor.

How much does partner teacher training cost?

The instructor training fee includes setting up your instructor in our systems, a 1-hour one-on-one training session with a Sevenstar mentor instructor, and ongoing support for one semester. All of this is included in the $125 fee. This is a one-time non-transferable fee per partner teacher at your school.

What if our teacher needs support with curriculum and grading?

If you have a new teacher who needs assistance with curriculum and grading, Sevenstar can provide this service for an additional $50 training fee per semester.

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