Funding Strategies

Four ways to fund online learning

There is no way around it: providing an online education that is distinctively Christian will take a significant investment by your school.

Compared to an off-mission public option or an expensive do-it-yourself program, partnering with Sevenstar provides an incredible value for the level of academic rigor, Biblical worldview training, and quality instruction that is delivered in each online course.

If your school is looking for a way to create and sustain a successful online program, you can discover four ideas to fund a Sevenstar partnership below!

Hire a super teacher

Would you like to have someone on staff who can teach over 100 courses, work any time of the day, be in multiple locations, and deliver a rigorous, Christ-centered education as well? If your school includes a line item in your annual teaching budget next year to fund an online program, it can make a super teacher hire too!

“We could have invested the money in a part time or full time teacher. However, we would rather invest the same dollars in online options through Sevenstar for the following reasons: We get Christ-centered content and teacher support, similar to that received in CCS traditional classes. We get complete schedule flexibility, which has helped our scheduling staff work the online courses into any student’s schedule. We can meet a broader range of students’ academic needs for the same money as a teacher hire. Our students gain online learning experience that serves them beyond CCS. This is important because almost 100% of our alumni are involved in some form of online learning.”
Lee Taylor, Superintendent, Claiborne Christian School, LA (CCS)
“We have found our online program to easily fund itself as well as the staff required to give oversight to the program. The demand is high as there is an ever increasing interest in customizing educational experiences and programs. It is not hard to establish a fee system as the class costs are clear and it is not difficult to ascertain the cost of staff oversight. Once these factors are taken into account (and possibly a desired income factor for the organization), it is relatively clean and simple and provides great options/flexibility to our community.”
Andrew Hasz, Superintendent, Faith Christian Academy

Host a mission-focused fundraiser

Almost every Christian school needs to raise money for new programs and that can be a real challenge! Sevenstar partners with The Champion Group to help schools raise major funds for online learning and engage their communities in meaningful service. Watch the following presentation to learn how your school can raise $100,000 or more in one-day events that develop hearts of gratitude through serving others.

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Incorporate a technology fee

Has your school considered adopting a policy that ensures students get to experience an online class before graduation? The benefit to families is that an online course prepares students for eLearning in college, provides a high-quality component for a 1-1 laptop or tablet program, and develops 21st century skills.

Have families pay-per-credit

Families are often willing to pay for online learning in a number of unique situations. Online education can meet the needs of supplemental or full-time learners who need schooling options that are outside the scope of regular educational offerings. In such situations, an online program can be a financially positive way to grow revenue and serve more families. The following white paper will explore five common strategies for using online courses to help your school earn $20,000 or more.

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