Purposeful Partnerships

We offer two levels of partnerships with schools to give you flexibility in

building an online program that best meets your needs.

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Sevenstar Partner With Us

Ways to partner with Sevenstar

We provide online courses that enable you to serve your students with the following options:

As-needed courses

Scheduling conflicts, out-of-sequence students, courses for advanced students (AP®courses, dual credit), remediation (credit recovery), and courses your school is unable to offer.

Blended program

Offer a hybrid of online courses and brick-and-mortar courses.

Special situations

Unexpected loss of a teacher, using all online courses for foreign language at the school, student illnesses, rigorous athletic schedules, etc.

Fully online program

Students’ courses are fully online with an option of whether to work at home, at the school, or a combination of both.

How It Works

We come alongside schools to enable you to manage an online program.


Sevenstar empowers your school by providing training and support so that you can oversee and manage various aspects of your online program for your school and students.


Students and parents work directly with your school (not directly with Sevenstar) for all issues pertaining to your online program.


Your online program becomes an extension of your own school, allowing you to serve more students and extend your ministry.

Partnership Options

Direct Partnership

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Sevenstar logo appears on the login page

Must use Sevenstar instructors to facilitate courses

Standard pricing for student tuition and registration fees

No annual partnership fee

Custom Partnership

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Your school’s logo appears on the login page

May use Sevenstar instructors or opt to use your own instructors as the teacher of record for courses

Reduced pricing for student tuition and registration fees

Lowers tuition by $100 for 0.5 credit courses and $200 for a1 credit course

$1500 annual partnership renewal fee

($3,000 for first year of partnership includes $1500 setup fee and the $1500 annual fee)

Your school partnership includes:

  • An extensive catalog of biblically integrated, academically rigorous courses that receive ongoing updates and enhancements.
  • Certified Christian Sevenstar instructors to facilitate courses, grade student work, and provide feedback on assignments (with the option to use your own instructors).
  • Access to a student information system (SIS) and learning management system (LMS) to provide the technology platforms needed to run an online program.
  • Training for your school in how to enroll students in courses, make payments and monitor student progress.
  • Emails to the school, student, and parent regarding student grades and notification if students are not working in their courses.
  • Helpdesk assistance with any technology issues.
  • Training in how to launch and run your school’s online program.
  • Ongoing school support for program development and implementation.

Your school’s role in a successful partnership: 

  • Develop the vision and goals for your school’s online program.
  • Designate staff to run all aspects of your school’s online program (adding student information to the SIS, ordering courses, paying for courses, monitoring student progress, marketing, etc.)
  • Issue school report cards to your students by taking Sevenstar course grades and putting them on your own school’s report cards and transcripts.
  • Serve as the direct contact for your online program with students and families. (Sevenstar works directly with your school, not directly with your families. Also, the school must make payment directly to Sevenstar for all courses. Sevenstar will not collect money directly from your families.)
  • Implement interventions for students falling behind pace or not working in courses; conduct student/parent conferences for intervention.
  • Provide technical support for any issues arising from the school’s network or devices.
  • Provide training for your students and families in how to use the online learning platforms.
  • Provide program informational materials, training materials, conduct student and parent orientations, etc.

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Directory of schools that we serve

Sevenstar partners with the following schools to provide their students with online solutions to:

  • Overcome schedule conflicts and take out-of-sequence courses.
  • Recover credits over summer and earn credits to graduate on time.
  • Pursue unique interests in languages, technologies, and electives.