How to enroll in an online course

  • Choose where to enroll

    The first step in our process is to determine if the student should take a course through a partner school or Sevenstar.

  • Consider your options

    If your child is not currently enrolled at a school, you may choose any enrollment option below. Enrolling with Sevenstar can be a great option, but families should also consider enrolling through a local partner school to receive value-added services.

Please call or email admissions:
(513) 612-1029

Email Admissions

Option 1: Enroll at a partner school
If your school is not listed here, go to option 2.

If your school has a partnership with Sevenstar, you will need to enroll through your school’s online learning portal. Please search for your school and contact your enrollment coordinator for info.

Option 2: Enroll with Sevenstar
You may enroll with Sevenstar if your school was not listed in option 1.

Order Any Online Course

For families that want to supplement their home or school education with one or more online courses.

Begin Ordering

Overview of our enrollment process to order any online course

Graduate with a Sevenstar Diploma

Only for families seeking a diploma from our accredited online school by meeting our full-time student graduation requirements.

Contact Admissions

Overview of our enrollment process to graduate with a Sevenstar diploma

  • Prepare for Success

    Please take a moment to review our academic policies and have your student take our online learner readiness assessment.

  • Begin Admission Process

    Please contact admissions regarding your interest in enrolling your child at Sevenstar Academy. We will review your inquiry and make sure our diploma program is a good fit before sending you our application materials.

  • Submit Application

    Submit your application by creating a Parent/Guardian account using the link provided by admissions. Read the instructions in your confirmation email.

  • Schedule an Interview

    Schedule an interview with Sevenstar Academy by replying to the confirmation email.

  • Register and Order Courses

    There is a one-time student registration fee of $45. Courses are ordered as needed and tuition can be found on our price sheet.