Certified Contract Instructors

Sevenstar has an exceptional faculty with subject-certified instructors who care deeply about cultivating students in the Christian faith. 83% of our instructors have earned a master’s degree or higher.

The role of the online instructor is to facilitate online courses by holding students accountable, grading coursework, providing guidance, and answering questions. Sevenstar instructors will respond to students politely and with respect. Unlike in a traditional classroom, our online instructors do little or no lecturing.

Our experienced instructors care about the lives of their students and strive to develop positive relationships. Our instructors will not only strive to help students academically, but also help them grow in their spiritual lives as well.

Faculty Directory

Joyce DeRidder

  • Foreign Languages

State of Michigan Certification in Secondary English and German, ACSI certification, International Baccalaureate Certification (7/1996)


HS German and English teacher at two Christian schools, online German teacher at Christian Schools International Online Academy, teacher at Sevenstar since 2014


Bicycling, kayaking, music (piano, organ and keyboard), flowers, landscaping and design

Favorite Scripture

Micah 6:8


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