Partner Teacher Request Form

  • Before filling out this form, be sure that you understand the expectations and fees associated with partner teachers. Custom schools are the only schools who can request partner teacher courses. Partner teacher courses must be setup before course ordering occurs. We will do our best to setup your partner teacher courses within 1 business day.

    You can find fee information at the School Resources page. All fees will be applied to the partner ledger in Maestro.

    If you utilize your teacher the following will occur:

    1. It will be your responsibility to ensure that teachers meet all expectations of training, grading, and academic honesty for their course.
    2. Student enrollments with partner teachers will not fall under AdvancedEd accreditation for transcription purposes.
    3. If the partner teacher changes the course, they are responsible for the changes they make.
    4. Partner teachers will be responsible for instructing their students, grading their students work, providing all academic support to their students, and issuing final grades to their students.
    5. Partner teachers will be not be able to teach credit recovery courses.
    6. Partner teachers will be not be able to teach AP Computer Science.
    7. Partner teachers will be not be able to teach ACT Prep.
    8. Partner teachers will be not be able to teach SAT Prep.
    9. Partner teachers will be not be able to teach ESL Courses.

    You will need to add the teacher in Maestro before filling out this form. Setting up teacher partner teacher training may take up to two business days.

    Please only request courses and section/types to meet your current student enrollment needs. We would like to avoid adding partner courses that are not needed and will not be used.

    This video covers the steps required for a partner teacher to teach their own course.

  • Please give the username of the teacher who is already created in Maestro
  • Name of CourseSection 
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    Please list each course, by name, that you would like to teach. Also, what section of that course you'd like to teach. (Full Course Honors, Full Course, 1st Sem Honors, 1st Sem, 2nd Sem Honors, 2nd Sem or All Sections). Click the "+" icon to add more entries or sections.