Single Payment Option Setup Form

  • If you would like your school to be able to pay for courses and other fees in a single payment, please fill out the form below BEFORE you add students to the online course system (Maestro) and order courses for your students.

    NOTE: If your school chooses to pay for courses and other costs using the single payment option, parents will NOT be able to pay for fees or order courses. If you would like your parents to either/or order courses and/or pay for courses/fees, you will be unable to utilize the single payment option in Maestro.

    NOTE: If you have already added students or ordered courses for students in the system before requesting the option for single payment, these fees will need to be paid student by student. You can pay these fees by selecting the Students tab, then a Student Name, and finally the Ledger from the side menu. You can select the Pay Due button on the bottom of the screen to pay all student fees. Once you complete the form and the single payment option is activated on your account, all future requests will be single payment eligible.

    Our team will take the necessary steps to allow your school to pay with a single payment as soon as possible (usually one business day or less).