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Association of Classical & Christian Schools

Sevenstar is an ACSI Gold Partner. ACSI Gold Partners are those that ACSI leaders have vetted to provide quality goods and services to ACSI member schools.

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Calvary Chapel Education Association
Charter Oak Research is passionate about Christian education. We believe in it. We support it in our own families. Through our work we hope to strengthen the institution as a whole by enabling individual schools and universities to thrive. Using advanced marketing research techniques Charter Oak can deliver qualitative results and valuable data. Opposed to other forms of educational research and consulting, Charter Oak strategically keys in on, and isolates, valuable data points that provide a concrete foundation for our consultation and planning. With this strong statistical background and know-how-coupled with significant years of experience in enrollment management, your school is sure to receive valuable and effective consultation from Charter Oak and effective consultation from Charter Oak and the resources needed to make data informed decisions.

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Christian School International
Founded in 1920, Christian Schools International was the first educational services organization to be established in North America and has been the leader in Christian education for almost a century. The organization’s worldview is firmly rooted in scripture and in a reformed tradition of Christian theology.

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Curriculum TRAK
Curriculum Trak is the curriculum mapping solution used by nearly 600 Christian schools worldwide. This mapping product was designed to simplify the process of curriculum mapping for teachers and administrators. It is extremely powerful, completely customizable and easy to learn.

Curriculum Trak is probably the most helpful tool that faith-based schools could purchase to help their teachers connect their mission to the unit level plans of instruction delivered in the classroom. Their unique Faith Learning Integration tool provides key conceptual spiritual understandings that teachers will want to articulate with students. The sharing network option helps teachers and administrators share best practices and learn from each other, removing the isolation sometimes experienced in small schools. Curriculum Trak is a great asset for those going through an accreditation process.

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Edusource Unlimited
We are a partner with iNACOL, a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership association based in the Washington, DC area with over 3,800 members.

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Renewanation is called and committed to promoting the cause of Christian worldview education to the masses. It is unique in that it promotes Christian education in underserved communities and where it is not yet widely accepted. There are many ways in which Renewanation comes alongside existing schools. Their “Communities for Kids”magazine is a great way to create new exposure for your school, as well as influence parents and others in your community to look at the benefits of Christian education. Another helpful source is the “Renewanation REVIEW”, a great tool to put in the hands of your staff and parents. Learn more about Renewanation at their website or by calling 540.966.0648.

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Beyond Technology Education
BEYOND Technology Education (BTE) is an edtech consulting and implementation company that has developed SWIMGrid, a K-12 technology planning framework that prioritizes resources required for quality device integration. SWIMGrid includes:

• Professional Development
• Student Tech Curriculum
• Classroom Lesson Integration
• Infrastructure Recommendations
• Project Management

BTE has been partnering with Private Schools for over 13 years.

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The Champion Group
Champion is the leading expert in the U.S. and Canada in conducting major fundraising events for schools, Christian ministries and select nonprofit charities. Our founder helped pioneer our specialized industry in 1990, and no other individual in the country has served this industry as long.

Currently, we bring our client partners the experience from over 2,600 major fundraising events that have been conducted throughout 48 states and Canada. Impressively, these events have raised over $100,000,000 ($100 million) to date.

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Christian School Management (CSM) began on August 1st, 2017. We love children and we love the Christian schools where those children are nurtured and fed. We are called to dramatically reverse the decline in Christian schools and believe that we can impact the way schools are led, the way that children are taught, the way schools are built, and the way schools are governed. We can help schools grow enrollment. We can help schools stay open and thrive that would otherwise close.

We make our services (consulting, surveys, coaching, workshops) available to you through fees that are directly connected to your school’s tuition levels and hence the school’s ability to pay. We tithe 10% of our income to support Christian leaders get training and to support research.

Christian School Management Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). Partner with us today!

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National Association of University-Model Schools
University-Model® Schools International (UMSI) is a global family of Christian school communities pursuing a philosophy and system of education called the University-Model® (UM). A University-Model School® offers parents the “gift of time”, and the opportunity to be directly involved in their children’s lives and education by blending the best of home with the best of traditional education.

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