Program Growth – Partner Information & Strategic Planning

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  • Partner Details

  • Provide details of how this partner intends to use our online course solutions (i.e. specific course needs, specific audience, graduation requirement, full academic curriculum, etc.):
  • Provide a brief description about why the partner believes there has been an increase or decrease in their enrollments (include historical data when possible):
  • Select the support category for this partner that reflects their current need for strategic consulting and training assistance from Seventar.
  • Provide the date of contact when this form was completed.
  • Provide the date of last strategic consulting meeting.
  • Attach the most recent strategic planning meeting document or blueprint meeting document for this partner. (more than one is permitted)
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  • Strategic Plan for Partner

  • Provide a description of this partner's vision for their online academic program. (i.e. fully online, blended model, specific needs, plans for short term and long term growth)
  • List the goals for this partner's online academic program:
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  • Select the topics that the partner has identified as obstacles to growing their program at this time:
  • Provide a quick summary of the identified obstacles for growing their program:
  • Provide a brief narrative of the suggested strategic plan that will be discussed with this partner:
  • List the next action items that need to be completed with this partner to ensure their success:
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  • List the dates/times for the meetings and trainings planned with this partner (i.e. specific dates, or month of year for next contact):
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