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Our mission is to provide an outstanding online Christian education experience to each of the schools, parents, and students that we serve.

Colorado Springs Christian School is one of hundreds of schools around the world that has partnered with Sevenstar to offer flexible online options. You can see how a new online program with Sevenstar helped strengthen their academics.

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Parents & Students

My Granddaughter utilized Sevenstar to achieve her academic goals in middle and high school. The program was educationally sound, and it appropriately integrated God’s gifts and love for His Creation. It was challenging, but also provided the flexibility for my Granddaughter to pursue her outside passion in equestrian completion while giving her a top-notch education.

I recommend Sevenstar as an excellent way to achieve a professional education that is based on Christian principles with the flexibility to pursue outside activities during schooling years.
A Caring Grandpa, Class of 2019

I liked that Sevenstar is a Christian school and the large course selection was also perfect for me, since I could choose classes that interested me rather than being stuck with a set curriculum.

One thing that surprised me from the beginning was how involved teachers at Sevenstar can be in your education even though the course material is online. Because online school required me to take initiative in my education, I had to actively involve myself in every concept that I learned. These new study skills helped me all-around. Not only did I graduated with honors, but I also scored a perfect 36 on my ACT and earned college credit with both AP tests that I took.

I am glad that I made the decision to attend Sevenstar. Now, as I’m about to head into Oklahoma Baptist University on a full-tuition scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineer, I feel so much more prepared.Christin, 2017 Graduate of Sevenstar

As overseas workers who travel frequently, we needed an education system for our daughters that provided both flexibility and consistency at a reasonable cost. We also wanted a Christian worldview. Sevenstar Academy met all of those needs. My children can work ahead in their studies so that we can take travel days as needed. The curriculum is consistent — no matter what continent we are on and the biblical integration is outstanding. The school offers different academic levels too! My older daughter is very studious and is enjoying the dual credit classes offered at the high school level. On the other hand, my more active daughter enrolls in the standard classes so that she can finish her work and be active. As both an educator and a parent, I highly recommend Sevenstar.Ginny, Parent
My experience at Sevenstar Academy was amazing. There were times when my studies were difficult, but I know that because of the academic challenge Sevenstar Academy presented me with I am prepared for college. My teachers were almost always there to help me work through the questions I had. They prayed for me and encouraged me through some challenging years in my life.Madison, Student
Sevenstar pushed me to be disciplined and to take personal responsibility for my class work. Understanding that college is much the same, I appreciate this groundwork laid by Sevenstar. The instructors were supportive and caring, always expecting my best effort, flexible and understanding, and willing to help when challenges of living outside the United States interfered with particular assignments.Becca, Student
Living on a remote French/Creole speaking island off the coast of Haiti, we knew we had to carefully choose the best schooling option for our two teenagers. After much research, we were convinced that Sevenstar was that best option. The online instructors, experts in their particular areas of study, freed us to do the ministry for which we were called. The instructors required the best efforts from both girls and at the same time were flexible when internet issues impeded class time. Sevenstar provides a Christian world view in an online setting that partners with us to prepare our daughters for college and life outside our home.Dan and Joy, Homeschool Parents of Becca
Thank you for providing Sevenstar Academy to us. The classes were challenging but seemed to teach John some new skills in time-management, organization and self-teaching. I think he’ll do really well in college!Debbie, Homeschool Parent
I was greatly impressed with the Sevenstar course content on a variety of levels: first, it is designed to be very appealing to kids; second, it is built solidly upon a biblical worldview; third, it has built-in enrichment for kids who would welcome additional challenge; and finally, it has harnessed the wealth of great resources on the web and made them easily accessible when a particular topic is taught. I see huge value in the fact that AP and dual credit courses are available.Wendy, Homeschool Parent
When our 8th grader was offered a Division 1 golf scholarship, we had to find a quality high school option that was approved by the NCAA, allowed flexibility for his training and tournament schedule, and provided the richness of learning we had enjoyed in homeschool. We are so thankful for Sevenstar Academy’s online courses because they have exceeded all these needs for our son!Kim, Homeschool Parent
My biggest worry about going into my junior year of high school was that my school did not offer Advanced Placement classes. During my college research, I realized that more and more colleges in the United States looked for students who had challenged themselves by taking multiple AP classes. When I first started studying through Sevenstar, I was really nervous about using an online program, but soon adjusted and was surprised at the level of understanding and help I received from my teachers. With Sevenstar, I could form my personal calendar and work at my own pace. Not only that, I learned to organize my time efficiently and plan ahead. I was responsible for and in control of my studies.Tae, Student, Christian Academy of Guatemala
The 12th grade English course has been great for my daughter. The bite sized lessons work really well and many of the assignments engage her creative side.Bob, Parent
Two of my daughters have taken courses through Sevenstar in the past and we were all quite pleased with them. Thank you for your service to us, it is a great blessing! We are looking forward to enrolling another daughter in an English Language Learner course this spring!Cami Mather, Parent, Bucharest Christian Academy
Our daughter just graduated with 21 college credits thanks to the dual credit program with Taylor University. She was accepted at every college where she applied, and will start her collegiate career this fall, confident in her academic ability, and well on her way to a Bachelor’s degree in business. Sevenstar has prepared her well, while at the same time enabling her to pursue her athletic goals.
The comprehensive curriculum, and the freedom to study on her own schedule were key. We really appreciate the work that you are doing to bring affordable, Christ-centered education to student athletes like our daughter. You have been a blessing to us!Expat Parents in Japan, Class of 2015
Thank you! All 24 of my daughter’s dual credits that she took from Sevenstar transferred into her major at the University of Valley Forge. Add in the other 15 she has taken this year through the University of Valley Forge and she will start college with 39 credits toward her degree and no debt. I couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and flexibility! My gratitude is overflowing!Ginger, Parent
As full-time workers overseas, our lives don’t always run according to a nice predictable schedule and plan. Recently our scheduled time in the US had to be extended for medical reasons and our return time was uncertain. The option of starting the school year doing classes on-line with Sevenstar saved the day and allowed our 16-year-old daughter to start the school year on time and our family to return overseas in the middle of the semester with minimal disruption to her classes. Now that we are back overseas we are able to complete the semester on-line and re-enroll her in the international school to finish out the school year. The flexibility is great and the teachers and staff have been very helpful.Missionary Family

Christian Schools

Our partnership with Sevenstar helps us provide our students with more choices: they can follow their interests, recover credit, and deepen their knowledge by taking higher level courses. The inclusion of online learning has definitely broadened our ability to offer a true blended digital learning environment.Janet Coe, M.Ed., Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation, The Woodland Christian Academy
Online course work is going to become more and more a part of what our students see in the college environment. Our students in high schools need the skills acquired by taking an online class to be ready to succeed in the college environment. Online learning also equalizes the playing field in terms of the quality of education some students receive. Debra Killen, Educational Technologist, Westminster Christian Academy (AL)
Thanks for allowing The King’s Academy to partner with Sevenstar. This year, we were unable to hire an AP Computer Science teacher, so we turned to Sevenstar. We have 14 students using the program, and things have been going extremely well. Sevenstar has been a lifesaver for us, and our goal is to expand our usage to many of the other course offerings that are available.Scott Meadows, Head of School, The King’s Academy (CA)
“We, at Westminster Christian Academy, could not be more pleased with our transition to online education. The professionals at Sevenstar made every step of the process seamless and effective. We began to explore the addition of online academics through looking at avenues for credit recovery. We then used a pilot program for a period, and the experience was completely productive and excellent.

As we approached the 2016-2017 school year, we had an opening in our Latin department. After extensive teacher interviews, we opted to proceed with Sevenstar’s online Latin classes instead. Parents expressed concern and there was apprehension initially until the students began to excel in proficiency through the course. What began as an alternative avenue is now a valued asset for our curriculum and families alike. We give Sevenstar our highest recommendation.”Stephen Hooks, Head of School, Westminster Christian Academy (AL)

We truly value our partnership and Sevenstar is helping us provide excellent academics, which is sometimes difficult in small independent schools with limited budgets! Thanks for all you do.”Ben Haskell, Headmaster, Trinity Christian Academy (MA)
Sevenstar Academy has provided Trinity Christian Academy with a viable option for summer school classes with a Christian philosophy. It has also allowed us to offer dual credit courses, and other classes to individual students when a class is under-enrolled.Mark DiPippa, President/Head of School (Past), Rock Solid Academy (PA)
We love having Sevenstar ministering to our students. Having just returned from a stateside assignment, my family has just benefited from two Sevenstar courses that our daughter took online. We also thank you for continuing to be a fantastic recommendation for us to give our families.John K. Fulks, PhD, HS Principal in Africa
I have been very pleased with the customer service that I have received when contacting Sevenstar with questions regarding students of mine who have enrolled in a course or regarding courses in general. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful and has provided me with answers expediently via phone or email. I have no complaints. As we are a small school, Sevenstar has been a most effective and user friendly means of providing my students with courses that our school either does not offer or does not fit into a student schedule. It is one of the two schools that we offer as options for our students to enroll in. We definitely intend to continue utilizing Sevenstar in this manner.Shannon Hannah, Guidance Counselor, Salisbury Christian School (MD)
Faith Christian Academy has been successfully partnering with Sevenstar to offer biblically integrated online courses for the past nine years. During that time period an average of 30 students per year have taken one or more online classes to create schedule flexibility, expand academic elective options, and recover credit. We also reached our home school community and found that 75% of them that started online, ended up on our face to face campus at some point. Thus, it was also a recruiting tool. This model has enable Faith Christian to effectively meet the alternative academic needs of our families in a way that has created a positive revenue stream for the school.
Brian Wall, Superintendent (Past), Faith Christian Academy (CO)
We used Sevenstar online courses for one of our students for her 7th and 8th grade classes. She had a wonderful experience working through the courses with the support and engagement of the Sevenstar teachers. I am happy to report that she now thriving in high school. She was super-prepared for high school in terms of her organizational and study skills. She developed these life skills through her work in Sevenstar online courses.Dana Darby, Principal, Altus Christian Academy (OK)
It is a good, well-rounded program. It has been very easy to work with their teacher. For the most part, the students enjoy and understand their tasks. They are working hard and being challenged.Kate, Cornerstone Christian School (CA)
Sevenstar enabled us to help a student who could no longer attend our campus due to health reasons. They were super at responding and helping me set up a course of study for this student. I greatly enjoyed working with them and am happy to say that our student has since graduated. The online option helped our student complete his courses that met graduation requirements in his home. All of the teachers did a great job of staying in contact with him and us.Gail Workman, College and Career Counselor, Lancaster County Christian School (PA)
Adding online courses to our summer school has given our students more choices for meeting UC requirements. In addition, the credit recovery program has become more manageable. Our goal is begin to offer online electives during the school year and continue to supplement our curriculum with these classes so that Mercy students can have the experience on online learning prior to entering a university.Dotty McCrea, Principal, Mercy High School (CA)
Cornerstone Prep uses Sevenstar as our online resource for recovery classes as well as classes that our students can’t fit into their schedule. We also use them for students who want to take a class that we don’t offer on campus. Our students have had access to Mandarin Chinese as some very popular gaming classes. We “brand” the site to have our logo and colors and our look, calling it Cornerstone Virtual Academy. In our catalog we reference that we are using Sevenstar, but our families see it as an extension of our school. Jeanne Borders, Head of School, Cornerstone Preparatory Academy (GA)
I have appreciated Sevenstar’s commitment to making things work for “our” kids. Your flexibility and creativity far surpasses other distance learning options. You demonstrate a genuine desire to serve our missionary families, providing versatility while keeping costs affordable. You are a pleasure to work with.Tim Hall, Principal, Rift Valley Academy, Kenya, Africa
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (CVCS) appreciates the partnership with Sevenstar in providing online learning education to our students. The online course option has developed into an important aspect of our instructional program. Our summer school program is built entirely on the online coursework materials. The flexibility that online coursework offers has solved several problems for students. An important feature of the program for us is the integration of a Christian worldview into the coursework. Online coursework is no longer a novel approach here at CVCS but has become another tool to use in meeting the needs of students.David Baker, Ed.D., Former Head of Schools, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (CA)
We chose to partner with Sevenstar because the company meets our requirements for high quality courses: competent Christian teachers who seek to use their gifts to serve Christ and their students, high quality accredited academic content, a commitment to providing biblical integration for the course, quality technical support, and economic value. There are many companies that provide quality online content but Sevenstar meets all of our requirements as a Christian school dedicated to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, Former Superintendent, Briarwood Christian School (AL) and Current Head of School, Westminster Christian Academy (MO)
Thank you SOOOO much! Sevenstar has been a blessing to us and our school. We have enjoyed partnering with you and I appreciate the ease of communication with Sevenstar. Your organization is very customer friendly and helpful.Kathy Hermansen, Enrollment Coordinator, Oklahoma Christian School