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What we provide

Sevenstar provides a secure online learning solution to ensure that your school can stay focused on its mission—a Christ-centered education.

Sevenstar specializes in understanding your school’s unique needs for online learning and developing a plan to successfully achieve your vision and goals.

What makes Sevenstar a unique education partner is our proven record of helping over 500 Christian schools successfully add online curriculum options.

Compared to building and maintaining a platform with your own team and resources, we can quickly deliver an integrated online program that supports your mission of Christian education at a small fraction of the cost.

Explore our solutions for schools below or contact us to request a guided tour.

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Direct enrollment service


Free school account

  • Pay-as-you-go service
  • Full catalog of online Christian curriculum
  • Shared platform with regular progress reports
  • Standard course prices
  • Use our teachers to facilitate courses
  • School or parent orders courses
  • School or parent pays for courses
  • View full details of service

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Custom partnership


Subscription school account

  • Customizable platform integrates with your operations
  • Add your school’s branding
  • Unique school login portal and URL
  • Wholesale course prices
  • Use your own teachers to save on costs (optional)
  • Generate revenue by setting retail prices for courses
  • Strategic consulting & marketing resources

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How we help schools

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Sevenstar can help

Expand curriculum

Even the most successful schools can benefit by providing more course options to students. With an online learning program, your school can offer more courses without having to increase teacher workloads or build new classrooms. Sevenstar provides access to an expansive collection of online courses that can be taken on or off campus. Whether a student wants a foreign language course that your school does not offer or needs to give a student the flexibility to take a course out-of-sequence, an online program can meet a variety of academic needs that were not previously economical to offer your students.


Fill teacher gaps

Our teachers can fill the role of an online facilitator to fill teaching gaps, offer unique electives, and solve scheduling conflicts.

Our teachers have a love for God, are experienced, and want to help students succeed in their online classes. All teachers are available to respond to students, parents, and partner school staff during regularly scheduled office hours, which occur five days per week.

Online instructors care about the lives of their students and strive to develop positive relationships. Sevenstar teachers will respond to students politely and with respect. Our teachers will not only strive to help students academically, but also help them grow in their spiritual lives. Each teacher is committed to be a living Christian example to their students.


Get students back on track

Students can take a standard online course or one of our specially designed 10-week credit recovery courses to get back on track. Any student who has taken a traditional or online course and was not academically successful may enroll in a credit recovery course to earn a credit. Courses are offered throughout the year with a Sevenstar teacher acting as a facilitator.


Grow revenue

Online courses can be a financially positive move that aligns with your school mission. Read this white paper to discover five common ways that online courses can help your school earn $20,000 or more. You will also discover best practices on how to get started with an online program.

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Bypass traditional barriers

Online learning can be the most cost-effective way to grow or expand your school. A traditional program requires a hefty investment in staff, curriculum, and capital intensive resources. A Sevenstar partnership enables your school to affordably offer Christian instruction, biblically-integrated curriculum, and a customizable learning platform. It is like adding a new virtual wing to your building that is fully equipped to serve your current and future needs to offer new academic programs that position your Christian school for the future.


Our technology and course partners

Our philosophy is to partner with the best

The Sevenstar Custom solution includes all the technology your school needs to support online learning and teaching at your school. Our technology solution includes two main components: the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the Student Information System (SIS). Students log into the LMS to interact with their online courses, professional online teachers, and peers. School administrators log into the SIS to register new students, request course enrollments, and access existing student grades, progress reports, communication logs and transcripts.

The Agilix Buzz LMS

Sevenstar partners with industry leaders for online content delivery. The Agilix Buzz LMS is intuitive and user-friendly, but also packed with helpful guides, training, and orientation within every course. The learning environment facilitates learning and teaching through a rich set of online tools, such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • Assignment dropboxes
  • Self-scoring online assessments
  • Surveys
  • Blogs, wikis, and games

The Maestro SIS

The SIS gives schools and families a wide range of administrative tools to monitor student progress and performance. A partner school can register new students and request courses on any Wednesday, and students can start learning online the following Monday. The SIS is equipped with:

  • New student creation wizards
  • Simple and intuitive course request grids
  • Progress reporting
  • On demand grade reports
  • Teacher-to-student communication history

Our course providers

Rather than build digital courses from scratch, we utilized the best, award-winning curriculum partners like Florida Virtual School, Aventa, Summit Ministries, and Prep Me as a basis for our curriculum. We then negotiated the rights to modify the courses to include biblical integration and Christian Worldview teaching throughout the courses.