The Danger of Baby Steps to Drift and Decline

“Not Here!” How many times have you listened to a tragic news story and heard someone proclaim, “I thought such a thing could never happen here” or “I never thought he could do such a thing, he seemed like such a nice person” or some variation of shattered expectations? Shattered expectations arise from naiveté regarding the nature of sin and complacency about people and the world around us. The uncomfortable truth is that violence and tragedy can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, including in our Christian schools. While violence is a real threat to our schools, we face a far more lethal, subtle, and pernicious danger. This danger arises not from the government, not from violent prone individuals or even from disgruntled employees or parents. This danger arises from within. The biggest threat we face is one that is mostly hidden until it is too late. I am referring to the threat of the small compromises made for good reasons.