Teacher Course Review

We are developing a growing database of teacher feedback for each of our courses.  The course that we have asked you to review has already been adopted by our Course Adoption Committee.  All course content has been reviewed and approved.  We are asking you to identify problems with student assignments that need to be addressed before students are enrolled into this new course.  Your review will to into account the demands of assignments and how the Biblical Integration impacts the student’s workload and expectations in this course.

Questions to ponder as you review the assignments in each module:

  • Do the major assignments in the course provide sufficient student support?  What additional resources should be provided?
  • Are the assignments that require the use of resources clearly identified?
  • Are there any assignments that are unclear? Should directions be rewritten or assignments edited?
  • Are the requirements to complete the assignments attainable?
  • Do the discussions forums present a clear and understandable prompt?
  • Can the expectations for collaborative assignments be met by the students and managed by the teacher?
  • Are the assessments clearly labeled?  Can they be traced back to the corresponding lessons and directions?
  • Are there sufficient opportunities in the course for students to review and practice for major assessments?
  • Are the values of the assessments fair in relation to the level of difficulty?
  • Give LESSON CONTENT FROM EACH MODULE and specific details to make changes to the content.
  • Give MODULE AND LESSON information and specific details to make changes to the assignment.
  • Please detail the specific changes that should be made to a COLLABORATION project that will enable our students to complete this course requirement.
  • Give specific details about how a DISCUSSION FORUM prompt should be changed to support a student's engagement in the assignment.