Reasons to Attend Sevenstar Academy

Grades 6 - 12

Sevenstar Academy offers more than 90 online courses for 6th-12th grade students. We partnered with industry-leading online course developers to assemble a comprehensive catalog, while integrating each one with a Christ-centered worldview. Each course is rigorous and based on National Standards, which provide the baseline for learning objectives and milestones.

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AP Courses

Sevenstar Academy is pleased to offer Advanced Placement (AP) Courses. Our courses are fully approved by the AP Board. These courses are designed for students to achieve college credit; colleges will only recognize AP credit when students have taken a course and achieved a passing score through the College Board.

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Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a way for students to receive credit from two separate institutions within a single enrollment. For many high school students this is a convenient and affordable way to earn college credit. Dual Credit courses are taught by professors at Christian colleges and the college will provide the transcript documenting the student's academic record.

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Bible Courses

The catalog offers a range of Bible courses for both middle and high school students. Bible courses are developed in partnership with experts in their respective disciplines and award-winning publishers, like Summit Ministries, in order to firmly establish that essential understanding of core Christian truths that is needed by students.

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