Mission Statement

Sevenstar Mission

At Sevenstar Academy, our mission is to align students’ heads and hearts on a firm foundation. That firm foundation includes a high-quality academic curriculum centered within a Biblical worldview with personalized experiences that provide students with a sense of community.

Whether students are enrolled full-time or just picking up a few courses at Sevenstar Academy, our goal is to help each student progress to their high school diploma as they prepare for their God-given calling in life.

We understand that the world of education is changing. Traditional schooling does not always meet a family or student’s needs, whether it is due to schedule conflicts, location, or learning style. At Sevenstar Academy, we say, “At your pace, any place, at any time.” The key is tailoring the approach to the student’s specific goals and needs.

Our courses for K-12th grade students are asynchronous. They can be completed as individual classes to supplement education through a traditional or home school setting or as part of a full, individualized learning plan culminating in a diploma from Sevenstar.