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Why Sevenstar?

Sevenstar is a leader in online Christian education and currently serves schools and families worldwide with high-quality learning solutions. Our online courses for 6-12 graders are rigorous and exceed all US national standards and recommendations.

We support your mission to deliver a biblical worldview education. Sevenstar desires to glorify Christ, and our curriculum encourages students to learn how to process information and think critically in the context of a biblical worldview.

Sevenstar Academy is the online school that facilitates our academic services. Our school is accredited by the North Central Association (an accreditation division of AdvancED) and offers many approved courses by College Board, NCAA, and University of California (UC/CSU) schools.

More About Us
  • Extensive course catalog

    We have over 100 online courses for 6-12th graders! Our expansive catalog enables students to get a college-prep education, discover interests, and learn at their level.

  • Biblical worldview

    Our biblically-integrated course content and instruction encourages Christian worldview formation. Our subject-certified instructors are committed to being living Christian examples to their students and help them grow in their spiritual lives. Our school does not seek to “indoctrinate” or influence students toward any one Christian denomination.

  • Proven academic results

    Students from around the world have taken over 45,000 online courses from us since 2006. In 2017, 88% of all courses taken through Sevenstar were completed with a passing grade.

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Our courses are delivered in an interactive online format with a certified instructor who is a Christian example for students.

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School case studies

Lakeland Christian School (TX)

Lakeland Christian Academy (LCA) is a small K-12 school with approximately 100 students in their secondary school. LCA was looking for a way to offer more electives and AP courses, enroll students who live far from the school, help students with difficulties in the traditional classroom setting, and serve performing artists and elite athletes.

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Parent and student reviews

I enjoyed learning and completing my high school education through Sevenstar Academy. I will be attending the University of Arkansas and received a scholarship to play golf. I am very excited for this next chapter of my life and grateful for the opportunity. I hope to eventually play professional golf.Kyle Robinson, Class of 2017
My biggest worry about going into my junior year of high school was that my school did not offer Advanced Placement classes. During my college research, I realized that more and more colleges in the United States looked for students who had challenged themselves by taking multiple AP classes. When I first started studying through Sevenstar, I was really nervous about using an online program, but soon adjusted and was surprised at the level of understanding and help I received from my teachers. With Sevenstar, I could form my personal calendar and work at my own pace. Not only that, I learned to organize my time efficiently and plan ahead. I was responsible for and in control of my studies.Tae, Student, Christian Academy of Guatemala
Sevenstar Academy felt more than just a school – it was and is a family that is there for you when you need them. Whether it was requiring additional help with a math problem or clarifying an assignment or even just needing some advice, I knew that I could always count on you guys. Thanks for making Sevenstar an amazing place to learn and grow!Christopher Gregg , Student

Christian school reviews

We chose to partner with Sevenstar because the company meets our requirements for high quality courses: competent Christian teachers who seek to use their gifts to serve Christ and their students, high quality accredited academic content, a commitment to providing biblical integration for the course, quality technical support, and economic value. There are many companies that provide quality online content but Sevenstar meets all of our requirements as a Christian school dedicated to preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.” Dr. Barrett Mosbacker, Former Superintendent, Briarwood Christian School (AL) and Current Head of School, Westminster Christian Academy (MO)
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (CVCS) appreciates the partnership with Sevenstar in providing online learning education to our students. The online course option has developed into an important aspect of our instructional program. Our summer school program is built entirely on the online coursework materials. The flexibility that online coursework offers has solved several problems for students. An important feature of the program for us is the integration of a Christian worldview into the coursework. Online coursework is no longer a novel approach here at CVCS but has become another tool to use in meeting the needs of students.” David Baker, Ed.D., Former Head of Schools, Capistrano Valley Christian Schools (CA)
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