Looking for a better way to drive enrollment and improve student retention?

We partner with Christian schools worldwide to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered online education. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, a partnership with Sevenstar empowers your school to expand your course offerings, provide flexibility, encourage student retention, and attract new families.


We’ve helped more than 500 Christian schools successfully develop online programs

When you partner with us, the online courses and services we provide become an extension of your school. Sevenstar enables you to offer a more extensive course catalog, retain students and attract families by offering more choices that meet students’ needs and academic goals. We help your students develop the critical skills of becoming successful online learners within a supportive Christian environment.

Sharing your kingdom vision and goals

When choosing an online education partner, you want to join forces with a team that shares your mission of providing quality education in the context of Christian disciple-making. We partner with schools to fulfill this mission of preparing students academically and spiritually for a lifetime of kingdom service.

Serving more students and families

Sevenstar offers 100+ core courses and electives, including honors courses, Advanced Placement® courses, credit recovery, and dual credit. Whether your students need remediation, enrichment, acceleration, or on-level courses, our robust course catalog provides a wide range of students and needs.

Customizing your online program

At Sevenstar, we understand that every school has unique needs and goals. As a result, we offer different levels of partnerships—including options to use your teachers to facilitate courses and brand the login portal with your own school name and logo—so that you can choose what best fits your needs.

Supporting your success

A Sevenstar partnership encompasses much more than simply the ability to purchase courses for your students. Our team will provide your school staff with all the training and resources you need to run your online program successfully, and we stand ready to serve you with ongoing training and support.

Over 500 Christian schools use Sevenstar to add online course options to their academic program

Roland F. Derenzo, ED.D.

Superintendent of Schools

We have appreciated our partnership with Sevenstar. They were flexible and accommodating when we created a new online dual credit program, and it was a big hit! Our CSCS academic program is stronger through the help given by Sevenstar.

Janet Coe, M.Ed.

Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation, The Woodland Christian Academy

Our partnership with Sevenstar has helped to provide our students with more choices: they can follow their interests, recover credit, and deepen their knowledge by taking higher level courses. The inclusion of online learning has definitely broadened our ability to offer a true blended digital learning environment.

Debra Killen, Educational Technologist

Westminster Christian Academy (AL)

Online course work is going to become more and more a part of what our students see in the college environment. Our students in high schools need the skills acquired by taking an online class to be ready to succeed in the college environment. Online learning also equalizes the playing field in terms of the quality of education some students receive.

Accreditation and High Academic Standards

Sevenstar selects award-winning curriculum partners like Florida Virtual School, Fuel Education, and eDynamic learning, and our courses meet or exceed national standards of excellence. We are accredited by Cognia, which serves over 36,000 schools in the U.S. and more than 80 other nations worldwide.

Flexible Asynchronous Model

Courses can begin on any Monday, and schools choose the start and end dates for students’ courses (within the parameters of our enrollment policies). Students receive target due dates for all course assignments to help them stay on track with their work and develop time-management skills while working independently.

Biblically Integrated Courses

Christian subject-matter experts review and weave substantive biblical integration into our courses through a formalized process. We release courses after they are carefully examined and modified to match our biblical integration standards.

Extensive Course Catalog

We offer 100+ core and elective courses, including technology, fine arts, and world languages. Additionally, we provide on-level, honors, credit recovery, dual credit, and Advanced Placement® courses to meet all students’ needs.

Subject-Certified Christian Instructors

Sevenstar instructors are selected based on their subject-matter expertise and desire to serve as a model of Christ to students. All of our instructors possess content-area certification.

School Access to In-Depth Student Monitoring and Oversight

We provide your school with access to our SIS and LMS so that you can view student communications, grade-books, due dates, and time spent in courses, allowing you to run your program and monitor your students effectively.

NCAA and UC Approvals

Many of our courses are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. For schools in California, we also offer courses with the University of California’s approval.

School Onboarding Training and Ongoing, Personalized Support

Partner schools receive helpful onboarding and training from our School Services Specialist, along with a partner school handbook, training videos, program resources, and helpdesk support.

Our vision is to glorify God

Our vision is to glorify God and achieve his purposes by being a catalyst for a global partnership of Christ-centered educational organizations focused on delivering a premier academic curriculum written with a Biblical worldview within a flourishing community of support to schools, families, and individual students.

Frequently asked questions

What does my school partnership include?
  1. Access to our SIS and LMS to order courses, pay for courses and monitor student progress and communications
  2. Onboarding training and resources covering how to use technology platforms and develop an online program
  3. Customer service and helpdesk support
  4. Branded login portal with your school’s name and logo (custom partners only)
  5. The option to use your teachers to facilitate courses (custom partners only)
Do I need a partnership for my students to take courses?

For schools to order and pay for courses and monitor student progress, a partnership is needed. If schools do not wish to be responsible for ordering, making payments, and monitoring student progress, they can direct students to Sevenstar Academy instead and have the parents be responsible for ordering, making payments, and monitoring their child’s progress. In this case, a school partnership is not required, and your school can have the family submit a transcript to you when the course is completed to accept the transfer credit on your transcripts.

What is our school’s role in the partnership?

Schools are responsible for adding student information to the system to create an account, ordering courses, making payment for courses, monitoring student progress, and serving as the contact for Sevenstar correspondence regarding student issues.

Schools also plan and develop their online program. Including creating marketing materials, information packets (explaining your online program policies and procedures to students and families), conducting parent/student conferences, helping students and parents use the technology platforms, troubleshooting issues, etc.

How do other schools partner with Sevenstar?

Our custom partners usually have a bigger vision for creating an online program at their school. For some schools, this looks like using Sevenstar for all foreign language courses to provide more options for students. For others, it looks like starting hybrid/blended or fully online academies at their school using Sevenstar. Many schools like to use their own teachers to facilitate the Sevenstar courses and provide a more blended experience for students. By contrast, our direct partners tend not to have such a comprehensive vision, and instead, simply need assistance serving specific needs when they arise–for example, serving out-of-sequence transfer students, offering advanced courses not available at the school, providing credit recovery, allowing the opportunity for dual credit, or finding creative solutions for students with chronic or acute medical conditions.

Our technology & course partners

Our online Christian education is designed to align your student’s heart and mind for a life of purpose.