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Download and Discover the Academic Milestones for K-12th Grade


Kindergarten – 5th Grade

At Sevenstar we know a solid foundation during the elementary years ensures that your student will have all the right tools for success through high school and beyond.

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade

It’s exploration time! With Sevenstar’s solid core courses and a variety of electives, your student can begin to discover interests without sacrificing academics.

High School

9th – 12th Grade

Core credits are easy to meet and the transcript is not a concern with Sevenstar’s approach.Your high school student can explore interests and passions with confidence. 


Is your student on track to meet age-appropriate developmental milestones? In this free download, find guidance for what to expect at each grade level.

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Homeschool Program

Our homeschool division offers the flexibility of a full-time program for students who choose Sevenstar as their school of record or part-time options for students using our courses as supplements.


School Partnerships

Christian schools flourish with our high-quality online Christian curriculum and instruction. Bring 15 years of online learning experience to your school by partnering with Sevenstar.


Sevenstar’s Approach

Sevenstar Academy’s biblical integration paves the way for thoughtful critical thinking. Biblical integration allows students to grasp the material in a thoughtful manner and apply it to real-world situations.

Our approach involves a simple framework of the three main biblical themes of creation, fall, and redemption which allows us to develop our diverse course offerings with the greatest degree of flexibility while avoiding firm ideological, theological, and denominational conclusions on sensitive, ancillary issues.

Kindergarten through 12th grade

Sevenstar Online Course Catalog

Core, Electives, Honors, and AP Levels

Our ever-expanding catalog of over 150 biblically integrated courses includes full sequencing options for elementary, middle, and high school students. Offerings include core, elective, honors, and AP level courses in addition to dual enrollment options from leading Christian colleges and universities.


Building language skills from foundations of reading to writing and literature exploration


Developing critical thinking through patterns, basic through advanced math, and more


Sparking curiosity in God’s creation from the basics of biology through high school physics


Learning God’s Word through Old and New Testament survey, application, and apologetics


Discovering the world through culture, geography, economics, government, and history


Enabling exploration of interests in technology, world languages, arts, science, and more

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Sevenstar Families

“I am glad that I made the decision to attend Sevenstar. Now, as I’m about to head into Oklahoma Baptist University on a full-tuition scholarship to pursue my dream of becoming a software engineer, I feel so much more prepared."
“Thank you! All 24 of my daughter’s dual credits that she took from Sevenstar transferred into her major at the University of Valley Forge. I couldn’t have done it without your wisdom and flexibility! My gratitude is overflowing!”
“Thank you for providing Sevenstar Academy to us. The classes were challenging but seemed to teach Amy some new skills in time-management, organization, and self-teaching. I think she’ll do really well in college.”