Tuition & Fees

Sevenstar Academy

Tuition & fee schedule

Building a course schedule for a homeschool year can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Sevenstar Academy stands ready with a full array of quality courses taught by certified Christian educators.

Our tuition and fee schedule is built on a simple structure allowing you to choose the courses that fit your needs and your budget. Upon registration, you will pay a one-time fee for each student. All other expenses are included in the tuition fee for each course. 

Not sure how to build your school year program? Sevenstar Academy has experts ready to work with you to build a program that meets your student’s unique needs, as well as to answer questions about courses, tuition, and fees.

One-time fee per student$45
Grades 6-12 Course Tuition
1 Credit$655
1/2 Credit$515
AP 1 Credit$755
AP 1/2 Credit$615
Dual Credit$650

* The above represent typical course prices. Variations due to lab fees or etextbooks are noted in the online course portal when you view course details and order courses. If you have any questions about a course tuition or materials fees, please contact us.


Those courses that require an etextbook already have the price included in the tuition. Students will receive login credentials to access the online
textbook within the first two weeks of enrollment. In limited cases, a link to purchase the course textbook separately is provided.

There may be additional course materials that need to be purchased (e.g.,
materials for science labs). You will be able to see the latest details in the
course information section of each course. All materials are noted in the online
course portal and in our course demo accounts. If you have any questions
about course materials, please contact us.

SPECIALTY Course Tuition
Credit Recovery$399

Credit recovery courses are specifically designed to allow a student to retake a course he/she previously failed or to improve his/her grade. These courses provide individualized learning through pre-testing to prescribe content that must be completed to recover credit. Students have up to 10 weeks to complete coursework in this program.

Course Placement Test$30

Placement tests are available for a limited number of courses. Placement tests help determine if a student has the necessary knowledge to succeed in a course before purchasing and enrolling in it. The student registration fee does apply.

Refund Policy

A student may be withdrawn from a course at any time. Transferring to another course title or switching from honors to the on-level version of a course is considered a withdrawal and is subject to the following withdrawal refund schedule:

1 – These are calendar days and not business/school days. The start date is the originally requested start date, generally a Monday.
2 – Refunds are not applicable for dual credit, student registration, application, or course placement test fees. There are no refunds for a second semester of a course on Day 25+ from course start date.

Time Since Start DateRefund Fee Per Course
0 Days (prior to start)Course tutition minus $20 fee
Day 1 - Day 10Course tuition minus $50 fee
Day 11 - Day 24Course tuition minus $160 fee
Day 25+No refund