Biology is a laboratory course in which students explore the world God gifted us through the lens of biblical truth. The course guides students through the study of living and nonliving systems and how they interact with one another. They do this by posing questions and seeking answers through scientific inquiry but also examine these answers through a biblical lens. Discovery takes place through observation and data collection. Students are introduced to the structure, function, diversity, and advancement of living matter. This is a course with real relevance, encouraging curiosity and providing opportunity for students to work on hands-on lab activities and develop relationships through collaborative learning. Engaging in the study of biological science broadens the picture of the world God gifted us.

This course is approved by the NCAA® and the University of California.

When taken as credit recovery, at least one attempt at the full course in either the traditional or online environment is required as a prerequisite. The credit recovery course is not approved by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA®) as a graduation requirement.


1.0 (Two semesters)

Course Versions

Honors and credit recovery versions also available



Recommended Grade Levels


Required Materials

Lab Materials: This course contains lab activities. A list of required lab materials is included in the course.

In addition to a computer with an Internet connection, most courses require speakers (or headphones); a digital camera or scanner to take photos of completed work; a printer; common household items; access to research materials; and productivity software for word processing, presentations, etc.

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